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Model HLSY SERIES High Efficiency Mixing Granulator


This machine is controlled through converter and can be set at single-program operation so as to produce almost spherical granules. It is suitable for use in the following industries: Pharmaceutical Industry-Tablet,capsule Electuary, Ceramic,Chemical,Cosmetics, Food Industry.

Main Technical Parameters


Volume: 100L

Material Charge Amount: 35-45kg

Motor for Stirring: 7.5kw 1460r/min

Motor for Cutting: 2.2kw 2850r/min

Weight: 1300kg

Overall Dimensions: 1700x680x1720mm


Volume: 10L

Material Charge Amount: 1-3kg

Motor for Stirring: 0.8/1.1kw 930/1410r/min

Motor for Cutting: 0.55/0.75kw 1430/2800r/min

Weight: 180kg

Overall Dimensions: 930x320x1220mm

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