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Model IMCDCS-1C Automatic Weighing, filling and packaging machine



These machines are ideal for packing large volumes or smaller bags into sacks or bags. A simple user-friendly control panel allows the operator too easily control the flow of production. Easy changeover of material feeds enhances production time and variety. Easily changeable jaws for sealing products allow for quick change of sizes of packaging. These machines can adapt for either chemical or foodstuff feeds.


These series are manually assisted packaging machines in respect to loading and aligning the bags before filling. Thereafter the packaging machines will automatically conveyer bags to weigh and fill the product. A pneumatic press sealer then seals the package. By changing the method of feeding material, the machine can pack fluid granules such as milk powder, rice, bean, fodder, white sugar or anything with low fluidity such as flour, pesticide and dyestuff.


Double screw feeder or arc double-speed feeder system.

The electrical control panel and weighing systems consist of Mitsubishi PLC, Mettler Toledo weighing sensor and weighing terminal to maximise the accuracy of weighing and stability for packing consistency.

User-friendly controls display in English to reflect parameters / working conditions.

Changeable pneumatic jaws ensure tight sealing, for all sizes of packaging.

One can select either a chemical resistant industrial or plastic chain belt

One can select either an industrial sewing machine or plastic seal for package.

IMC only use quality stainless steel to make their machines.

Technical specifications

Model DCS-1C-1 DCS-1C-2
Measuring Mode Weighing(Gross weight) Weighing (Net weight)
Feeding Mode Dual screw, dual valve.Dual vibrating feeder (optional) Dual screw, dual valve.Dual vibrating feeder (optional)
Packaging Weight 10-50kg 10-50kg
Packaging Accuracy ≤±0.2% ≤±0.2%
Packaging Rate ≥3bpm ≥6bpm
Power Supply 3P/208-415V 50-60HZ 3P/208-415V 50-60HZ
Total Power 2.25KW 2.5KW
Air Supply 6kg/cm² 0.2m³/min 6kg/cm² 0.3m³/min
Total Weight 600kg 800kg
Overall dimensions 4000x1350x2500mm 3700x1600x3100mm


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