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Model IMCL-500 Standup Pouch


This machine is the latest designed and manufactured liquid automatic packaging machine.

It specializes in packaging the liquid products into vertical shaped pouches (capped stand-up pouch).

The products packaged by this kind of machine have the characteristics of standing up, without falling, and increasing the showing ability.

The machine has a pneumatic transmission system with a reliable operating system being ensured.

It is controlled by a computer, and with an easy operation and adjustment being provided.

The machine can automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, dosing, sealing, capping, and date printing, etc. store shelf to the maximum.

And they can provide the customers the most convenience.

And the products can be capped after several uses.

Main Technical Parameters

Fill Range (ml): 200 – 1200ML

Output Bags/Min: 10-25

Bag Size (mm): BY REQUEST

Power: 380V 50HZ 4.5KW

Weight (kg): 650

Dimensions (mm): 2600X1100X2600

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