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Model IMCP-40B 3 or 4 Side Seal Sachet Tablet



This machine is able to accommodate various sizes and requirements. Sachets are filled with either tablets/capsules and even a combination

Designed especially for tablet/capsules type products.

The filling operation is achieved via the incorporation of a index plate fitted with a servo motor for precise speed control.

The quantity and feed rate are all able to be interchanged to allow for a wide variation of tablet counts.

Multiple products and product densities can be accommodated through easy change over’s of the index plate.

The speed and volume are controlled through the operator interface.

Film registration and film length are electronically controlled and precise cut position and length are set on the operator interface.

The machine is manufactured from a combination of materials that are suited to the operation design ie. Aluminium, stainless steel and engineering plastics.

Sealed bearings are incorporated in the jaw assembly and no lubrication is required.


Plc control with mmi.

Fabricated from 304 stainless steel material.

The parts which require high strength will use carbon steel nickel plated.

All other parts will be will be stainless steel or aluminium.

Double servo motor for multi cut off.

Frequency control main drive.

High level control box.

Automatic dwell box adjustment.

Double arm high level material feed.

Element feed through slip rings.

Main Technical Parameters

Fill Range (ml): x Qty

Output Bags/Min: 25-80

Bag Size (mm): L:55-110 W:30-80

Power: 220V 50HZ1.2KW

Weight (kg): 350

Dimensions (mm): 600×790×1780

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