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Model LSH-220 Wet Granulating Machine


At present, there are about 50 companies producing pharmaceutical granulate equipment; their main productions are capsule and tablet. But don’t have special or suitable equipment for producing granule, just have to produce by original swing type granulate machine. As everyone know, swing type granulate machine has 3 unavoidable defects: 1. Pollute itself, powder move into roller easily, for having a lot dead angles, not easy to clean it. 2. When using nylon net, it is wrap around roller tightly, so nylon net has been worn down seriously, abundant fibers and broken pieces are mixed with medicine. However, when use steel wire net, such situation are easy happen, like wire slip away or broken, it was not surprise that customer accuse pharmaceutical company for found wires in medicine. 3. Grains are loosen and have a lot of horns, and it produced abundant powder that over the standard in dry and transportation process.

However, there is no suitable equipment take the place of it, this troubles GMP reformation expert in pharmaceutical company. To solve this problem, Zhejiang Future Machinery Ltd. Co. innovate and designed new type of granulate and modification equipment –LSH Wet Granule Modification Machine. The test was finished at August. 2002, it has pretty appearance, simple structure, good modification result, high speed and efficient. It is suitable for medicine, food, and chemical industry etc. produce grains. It can modify wet powder, masses and big grains to even size and same length grains. The other granulate modification machines are not as good as it for it’s varies suitable range and perfect granulate, therefore it solve the problem of GMP reformation of granule workshop.

LSH-220 Model adopts extruding by screw shape ring, adjusting speed by planetary wimble of the main machine, and the speed of feeding material is modulated by freqency ceverfer, the machine is also with air coding system.


Even grain size and length, uniform density, round and smooth surface with rare fine powder

Full stainless design, according to “GMP”

Changeable screen and controllable grain size

Wide area, viscous extract, and nearly pure white sugar

Driving components downside machine body to protect shaft seal from leakage and pollution

Air coding system prevents the druggery from being hot and metamorphosed cased by extrusion

Controlled by frequency convertor or PLC, overload breaker can be set

Main Technical Parameters

Productivity: 100-600kg/h

Motor Power: 9kw

Screen Cylinder Diameter: 220mm

Mesh Diameter: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm

Weight: 500kg

Overall Dimensions: 1520x670x1400 mm

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