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Model NY-821 Laser Printer


Using the ceramic capacitor IC card to print labels, models etc the laser inkjet printer is a valuable tool to have on any modern production line. It is widely used in many different industries such as Food and Beverage, Electronics, Crafts, Plastic etc.


As easy to use as a laptop.

A low power consuming machine that is capable of high-speed marking at a low cost.

Wide application range capable of marking most non-metal materials.

Automatic coding software is preinstalled on the system allowing the user to utilize automatic anti-counterfeiting and anti-string security systems.

Main Technical Parameters

Model: NY-821

Laser: Co2 radio metal laser

Laser power: 10W/30W

Cooling mode: Air-cooled / Water-cooled

Wave-length: 10.6mm

Line-width: 0.02mm

Depth: 0.04mm (Depends on the material)

Industrial control unit: Industrial control computer

Apply to: Character, micro mark, bar code, two-dimensional bar code, graphics, image, lattice diagram, built-in variety of laser marking fonts, automatic serial number.

Static state: 70×70 mm (standard), 110×110 mm (optional)

Dynamic state: within the height of 70mm or 110 mm, input freely, not subject to restrictions on the number of rows;

Automatically input the date which changing over time. Automatically change the lot number and sequence number.

Information input: Keyboard entry, USB, serial data communication

Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232, multi-way switch

Focal length: 110mm (standard), (70mm and 250mm optional)

Flow line speed: 0-150meters/min

Protection: Hermetic optical path of the host, free from the dust effect.

Environmental requirement: Temperature range: 5-50 Celsius, Moisture range≤95%, not condensation

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 1000W

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