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Model PFL Powder Filling Line


Powder filling production line contains lots of functions, such as powder filling, capping, induction sealing, labelling, printing, it completes the process of powder filling and packaging automatically. The production line comprises of automatic measurement of filling materials of powder particles, capping and labelling, it has the function of automatic sending cans, feeding, measuring, filling, Screw-capping, sealing, labelling, spray printing. All the parts which contact with the filling materiel is the stainless steel, the whole line controlled by the PLC, measured by server motor, it owns advantage of high accuracy, high speed, accurate labelling, accurate and clear printing, it is suitable for a majority of powder products and special products with filling, Screw-capping, labelling and other packaging process.


Finish the process of powder filling and locking in one machine;

Servo Motor push screw, the amount of filling can be set on the touch-screen;

Screws and locking heads can be changed to suit for different materials and caps;

The whole machine owns 6 testing point, working state is displayed on touch-screen, realize intelligent operation;

The side of storage hopper is opened widely, clean easily, it can add delivery system additionally.

The labeller is suitable for flat bottles, square bottle, and owning the advantage of advanced features, easy operation, compact structure;

Labelling using photoelectric detection, PLC control, touch-operating software, conveyor belt, centring belt, the top band, bottle rolling band, stepless frequency control, with the advantage of accurate labelling, high accuracy;

No object, no labelling, owning the function of automatic correction, automatic detection and other functions.

Use of free programming non-contact jet printing systems in the field of industrial production. It can print on almost all materials, range from printing production date to variety of complex applications;

Jet printing machine (C), use of quick-drying inks, can print on variety of materials and irregular surface, ink viscosity can be detected and controlled automatically;

Various colours and different ink (red, black, yellow and white) is available, the result is better when use of antimigration black ink, anti-gasoline ink, and other security ink.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling capacity 3-500ml(via changing screw rods)

Filling heads 2 Sets

Production rate 30-60 B/min

Filling accuracy 0.75%

Sealing diameter Φ16-60mm(can customize when it is in excess of the dimension)

Labelling speed 3~60m/min

Accurate labelling ±1mm

Min Label length 10mm

Printing speed Max 128 meters /min(high-speed of single file)

Printing distance 1-25 mm

Printing height 1-25mm(4 line)

Compressed air 5-6Kg/cm 0.2m3/min

Power 380V 60Hz (powder filling),220V、50Hz

Total power about 8500kW

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