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Model RGDXHW-100 Horizontal Cartoning Machine


The machine mainly uses in automatically cartoning medicine (tablets, bottles and tubes), cosmetics, foddstuff and health care products, which put the products packed and manual folded into carton automatically. Meanwhile it finish printing date and sealing both ends of paper carton. The machine can be used seperately or connected with other machines in line.

Connecting with labelling machine, plastic sealing machine and tube filling and sealing machine in line.

Frequency speed adjustment, PLC control system.

Touch screen interface operation system, showing speed of cartoning andautomatic counting.

In provided range, it suits for different size of cartons packing and less change parts.

Suit for 50-65g/m² manual paper folding, single folding or double folding as optional.

Can be used as single or in-line unit.

Photoelectric sensor can detect and reject the failed products.

There are error display and remove method.

Suit for 200-350g/m² carton paper.

Main Technical Parameters

Max speed: 80-100 Carton/min (according to carton size)

Carton specification: (75mm-170mm) x (15mm-50mm) x (20mm-90mm)

Manual specification: (100mm-190mm) x (100mm-260mm)

Dimensions: 2800mm x 1350mm x 2000mm

Power: 380V, 50HZ

Main Power: 12Kw

Compressed air: 0.6MPa

Air consumption: 30-90L/min

Weight: 1200kg

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