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Model SFL Syrup Filling Line


The production line is made up of air cleaning machine, filling and capping machine, automatic round bottle labeling machine, collecting bottle turntable. It has the function of automatic inspecting (no bottles no cleaning and filling), and the filling volume is controlled by servo motor, automatic dropping, capping and labeling.

The production line runs steadily, low noise, high finished-products, easy adjustment, safe and reliable. It is widely used in food stuff, pharmaceutics, and daily chemicals and other industries of round bottles packing which could increase FFU.

It is an ideal packaging equipment of production and conforms to GMP absolutely.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Volume 50~1000ml

Production Capacity 26-56bottles/min

Filling Accuracy ≤±0.5%

Labeling Accuracy ≤±1.0mm

Air Compresure 0.5-0.8MPa

Total Power about 5kW

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