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The SYB-IIISB Ultra clean Automatic Liquid packaging machine is designed to produce pillow packaging for liquid products with volumes between 5L-10L the SYB-IIISB performs the tasks of pouch forming , filling ,dosing, sealing and date stamping also the packaging machines ability to perform submerged dosing means the machine creates an air-free package. The machine is controlled by a PLC from which you can control product volumes and packaging size. The SYB-IIISB is a reliable packaging machine that has a brilliant design which is well built using strict manufacturing standards.


This machine was designed for the special purpose of pillow pouch packaging for liquid products with 5L-10L volume. The machine can use composte films. And it can automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, dosing, sealing, date printing etc. Due to the adoption of submerged volume type dosing, the machine has accurate dosing and also creates an air-free packaging. The machine is controlled by a PLC. The packaging volume can be adjusted within the allowable range. The sealing system regulation guarantees a stable and reliable sealing quality. Its horizontal seal system can finish the sealing and hot cutting simultaneously. A pattern calibration photelectric control device is used in the process of packaging. The machine is equipped with UV light, for sterilization of the film. Products made by the machine are low cost, convenient for transportation and safe and healthy.

This machine is suitable for fresh milk, yoghurt milk, soybean milk, juice etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Pouch sealing form: Back seal

Capacity: 70 – 100 pouches/min

Packing volume: 200 – 500 ml

Accuracy: +-1%

Width of the film: 320 mm

Length of the pouch: 95 – 165 mm

Air pressure: 0.65 Mpa

Air consumption: 1.2 m3/min (0.8 Mpa)

Power: AV 380 +- 10% 50 Hz

Power consumption: 3.85 KW

Dimensions: 1700x1100x2950 mm

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