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Model TPH-4 Semi-Automatic Tablet Press


This machine is a medium continuous automatic tablet press which is one of the essential equipment for pressing granular raw materials into tablets or medicines taken with water in pharmaceutical, chemical food, electronics industries. It can be used to press medicinal tablets, coffee pills, powder metallurgical parts electronics components, various tablets of pesticide and fertilizer etc. in small-batch production laboratory and hospital. The machine can press special-shaped circular tablets of differant kinds, and can also process the tablets of pesticide both sides are impressed trademarks, letters and simple.

Main Technical Parameters

Max pressure: 40kN

Max dia. of tablet: 30mm

Max depth of fill: 25mm

Max thickness of tablet: 22mm

Inner of circular tablet: 5-10mm

Depth of fill circular tablet: 25mm

Max capacity: 2070pc/h

Motor power: 1.1kW

Overall size: 650x565x1610mm

Net weight: 520kg

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