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Model VD-3000

Labeller head ETIMA’S series VD-3000/ VD-3050 /VD-3060 from speeds of 5meters/min. to 60meters/min. (depend the model) and 150mm./200mm. and 250mm. heights, equipment with high precision and reliability.

We manufacture the completely equipment in our installations.


• Digital panel

• Stepper motor.

• Interchangeable electronic manoeuvre.

• Label detection with photocell.

• 15 Memories of labelling extendable until 25 or 50.

• 4 languages (Spanish, French, English, German).

• Possibility to include different type of printers.

• Labelling speed variable, measure in meters real minutes.

• Length of distributor arm variable.

• Ramp of start/stop motor variable.

• Automation optional with “Encoder“.

• Run delay and labeller stop in real millimetres.

• Counter pre selector of dispensed labels.

• Password system.

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