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Model VS-800600 External Pump Vacuum Packing Machine


The machine uses plastic composite film or aluminium plastic composite film for packaging materials, solid, liquid, powdered food, chemicals, electronic components, precision instruments, precious metals and cotton products all can be vacuum packaged.

It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness of the product over a prolonged storage time.

The machine is especially suitable for packaging large fluffy products, such as quilts, cotton sweaters and so on, significantly reduced the volume, reduce space, ideal for today’s vacuum packaging.


Vacuum, gas filling, seal, three function select switches.

Chamberless design with double gas nozzles, so its application is not limited by the size of vacuum chamber.

Pneumatic design, reasonable structure, the exact action, stable performance, economic and durable, the vacuum and sealing effect are ideal.

Main Technical Parameters

Model: VS-800 / 600

Vacuum Degree: less than 1.333Kpa

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Gas: 6-8kg/cm²

Power: 1.8KW / 1.5KW / 1.2KW

Vacuum Time: Adjustable

Sealing Time: 0-5s

Cooling Time: 0-5s

Sealing Size: 800×10(mm) / 600×10(mm)

Vacuum Chamber Size: N/A

Machine Size: 1010×800×1030(mm) / 860×790×1030(mm)

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