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Model ZCF-XQ-G1 Auto Cup Filling and Sealing Machine with Precut


This machine can finish the function automatically from cup stacking, cup holding and sending with vacuum, empty cup detection, air blowing and dust sucking, pulp and liquid mixing and filling in certain proportions, lid sucking and placing, dot sealing, heat sealing, cover placing, cup discharging, conveying, CIP and air purifying. The functions of the machine can be added or deleted as per the customer requirements.

The precut lid and roll film can be used for different cups.

This machine is designed for the filling and sealing of many different products such as high viscosity yogurt, ice cream, artificial milk, salad, juice and beverages etc…

Many components of this machine are from famous brands such as SIMENS, FESTO, SEW, OMRON and Panasonic.

Main Technical Parameters


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 2600~3000 cups/hour


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 3900~4500 cups/hour


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 5200~6000 cups/hour


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 6600~7500 cups/hour


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 7900~9000 cups/hour


Filling volume: 100~250ml

Output: 10500~12000 cups/hour

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