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Model ZLCP-1X6 (2X6) Continous Tube Blow Moulding Machine


The ZLCP-1×6 (2×6) continuous (ice lolly tube) blow moulding machine belongs to the plastic hollow blow moulding equipment range, which enables respective processes, such as mould combining, plastic blow moulding, cooling and mould opening etc… it also enhances the production effect.

This machine group is not only used for making plastic tubes and soft bottles, but also for making dairy bottles and pharmaceutical products etc…

This machine uses non lubricating oil pneumatic components, non oily compressed air and a complete closed chilling water cycle,

Application of raw materials: LDPE, HDPE, PP etc…

Main Technical Parameters

Product volume: 50~250ml

Output: 1500~5000 (bottles/min)

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