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MPF-PT series Semi-automatic Piston Filler (Pneumatic Driven)

MPF-P/T series Semi-automatic Piston Filler (Pneumatic Driven)


The MPF series piston fillers are designed to dispense a wide variety of liquid and semi-liquid products and serve as ideal filling machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries.

To meet the demands of our different customers, we have developed two series: TOP Series (MPF -T Series)and POP Series (MPF -P Series) :

T Series: The pneumatic components are from FESTO, Germany.

P Series: Our P Series has pneumatic components from Taiwan or Korea.


● Controlled by compressed air, suitable in explosion-resistant or moist environments

● High filling accuracy; pneumatic controls and mechanical positioning

● The filling volume is easily adjusted using screws and the counter

● Emergency button. The piston will go back to its initial location and the filling will be stopped immediately.

● Two filling modes for you to choose ’Manual’ and ’Auto’.

● High reliability and easy maintenance.


1.Pinhead filling Nozzles,

2. Hoppers

3. Ball Valve System and so on.

Filling Speed


Filling Accuracy

< ±0.5%

Filling Volume

MPF -6


MPF -25


MPF -100


MPF -250


MPF -500



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