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Palletisers Traditional Robot – Automatic Palletiser

Palletisers Traditional/ Robot – Automatic Palletiser


Multi Function Palletiser

Automatic palletiser is suitable to place a wide variety of containers onto empty pallets (crates, carton boxes, packs, bags, sacks, etc.) The sliding palletising main head is made of rectified steel. Using the PLC which controls the machine. Format changeover operations can be made automatically and new pallet configurations can be worked out without asking for assistance from the manufacturing company. It is complete with pre-formation roller conveyor and it is available with empty pallet storage, pallet roller conveyors, device for inserting the pads between the layers, safety guards in compliance with CE rules and pallet wrapping machine. We use KUKA robot arms for the production our robotic palletising and de-palletising systems.

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