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PBV-2 – Sachet Machine


Looking for speed and flexibility in your Sachet needs? Our versatile multi-lane PBV-2 Sachet machines can accommodate from 1 to 10 lanes to form sachet pouches. Designed to pack powders, dense, fine, loose and particulate materials as well as liquids and semi liquids into 4-side sealed sachets and to accommodate different bag shapes including tear notches and easy-open system. Reliable, flexible and fast solution for your sachet needs. Want peace of mind? Make the PBV-2 your next investment. It runs quietly and smoothly.


SpeedMinimum: 5 BPMMaximum: 65 cycles/min *

Width 40 mm 250 mm

Length 50 mm 250 mm

Film width1000 mm

Bag styles:

4-side sealed sachets

*Note: Actual speeds are dependent on the product characteristics and quality, film quality, operator, product in-feed and ambient conditions. Actual speeds will be confirmed upon trials with original film and product.

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