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Pneumatic Cork Remover

…our cork remover offers users excellent working comfort and effortless bottle opening.

Just press on the two operating buttons and the cork is ejected in a flash. Made entirely of stainless steel. Jack guide made from machine-cut PE. Fast and easy needle changeover.


Air supply : 5 to 6 bars

Bimanual commands for completely save use with 2 hands

Rapid male pneumatic connection

Suitable for all cork types : composition, agglomerated, 1+1 or natural… lengths from 38 to 54 mm


– Connect the equipment to a compressed air network (minimum pressure 5 bars).

– Using both hands, position the cork remover on the bottle.

– Press the two command buttons simultaneously to insert the needle into the cork.

– Hold the equipment on the bottle until the cork has been completely removed.

– Once the bottle has been opened, release the buttons to eject the cork


– Do not press the command buttons unless holding the cork remover on the bottle with both hands.

– Disconnect the air supply before attempting to disassemble the cork remover.

– Do not try to uncork bottles which are not full.

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