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POLARIS P – Automatic linear filling machine

The linear filling machine Polaris P is designed for automatic filling of liquid products (oil, spirits, syrup, shampoo, detergents, motor oil and other non-carbonated products for the food-processing, cosmetic and chemical industry) into various packages, especially those of larger volumes, e.g. five and ten-liter containers. The dosed liquid is measured by volume by means of the filling cylinders. According to the required output, the machine can be equipped with two, four, six or nine filling cylinders. A dose is centrally continuously adjustable and according to the selected dose, the machine can be equipped with cylinders of various volumes. For filling of larger volumes, a multiple dose can be preset. The filling machine can be supplied with adjustments enabling its operation in an environment with explosion hazard (SNV).

The machine is equipped with pneumatic nozzle termination for prevention of drips and with bottom-filling system for prevention of the filled product foaming. The above-standard equipment includes automatic volume adjustment on an LCD display by means of servomotors and the nozzle stroke control unit.

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