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Reel FED Labelling Machine – Rotary Reel Fed (opp) Hot Melt Labellers

Reel FED Labelling Machine

Roll Fed Labeller for bottles

Type of labelling station: Roll-Fed labelling stations Labels:Plastic (OPP, PET) reel fed labels Application: Wrap-around labels Containers: Cylindrical or shaped containers. Speed: from 4,000 bph to 72,000 bph. Our Roll-fed labellers can reach a speed of 1,200 BPM with a single labelling station. This is an important advantage in comparison with the technology of our competitors. The film traction roller is controlled by an independent servo-motor which adjusts the film feeding speed in accordance with the labels pitch (spot or other reference). On our machine the label is completely cut on the cutting drum before being transferred to the bottle by means of the vacuum drum. The label takes on its final vertical and horizontal position on the cutting drum. The label is transferred to the vacuum drum without any slipping movement. The label covers constantly and permanently the same vacuum drum sector. All sliding movements have been eliminated and the vital parts of the vacuum transfer drum are always protected by the label presence avoiding the problem of glue residuals dirtying. A very thin layer of glue is used. The glue consumption is about 500 gr. every 100,000 bottles.

System advantages:

Long period of autonomy. Large capacity label reels minimise the operator workload. Precise label placement guaranteed by positive container positioning via centring bells and centering plates.

Low glue consumption. Short changeover times in case of container or label changes.

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