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Rinsing and blowing machine – Spay Jet

ROTATIVE RINSER – BLOWER ideal for cleaning the inside of GLASS, PET, PVC and PE containers

High technology

Compatible with “BLOW-SUCK” system

No size change-over for PET bottles

User-friendly and low-maintenance

Automatic system using rinsing grippers that hold the bottles by the neck and rotate them by 180° to position them at the processing nozzles fitted on the grippers themselves. These nozzles can either be fixed or enter the bottles depending on production requirements. The circuits in which the various fluids are conveyed, constructed in food-safe materials, are totally separate, to safeguard against the risk of contamination.

1)  “ BLOW-SUCK” system  ( for blowers )

Compressed air from the mains supply is filtered and sterilized in order to mechanically remove all particles from the inside of the bottle.The subsequent blowing phase totally expels such particles without contaminating the surrounding environment.

2) De-ionization unit  ( for blowers )

The unit de-ionizes the particles inside the container, facilitating their expulsion. De-ionization can be carried out using antistatic bars or special electric nozzles.

3) Recycling and filtering unit  ( for rinsers )

Thanks to a special collecting tank, the water from the 1st and 2nd treatments can be recycled and collected, leading to enormous savings in the quantity of fluid used.

4) Innovative systems  ( on request )

Thanks to the “ NO BOTTLE – NO SPRAY ” device, no liquid detergent is sprayed if the containers are not present. Provision can be made on the machine for closed loop CIP sanitation using dummy bottles.

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