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Seal Check System

Seal Check System

Identifies loss of seal due to microscopic holes. System for the detection of full bottles seal. Compact, simple, easy to be installed, it represents the ideal solution to everyone’s searching for a reliable system, in respect to the most severe hygienic standard. Squeezing the bottles side during their normal running onto the conveyor, it analyses the pressure change inside the container, specifically detecting air leaks due to micrometrical holes. Through a progressive and in the same time quick and resolute action, you can reach quite high pressures inside the container, without creating anyway defeats on the well closed containers. The exclusive detection system allows a double analysis of the bottle running curve. We get therefore a mechanically simplified system, more compact and hygienic. Assuring the integrity of the container it represent the ideal control system for aseptic products, and find great application even for flat water or pressurized products lines. Particularly suitable for PET containers with chemical products.

Main characteristics:

Easy, compact and clean mechanical group for bottle compression.

Size motorized adjustment (automatic changeover).

Stainless steel frame.

Stainless steel electric cabinet.

Multiprocessor operating electronics.

Interfacing operator with coloured graphic monitor and touch screen.

Ethernet interface for connection to remote PC.

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