Alongside our pro-active approach to cartoning equipment, we can not forget one method of packaging that has always been environmentally favourable – shrinkwrapping. As an alternative to corrugated case packing it offers an immediate environmental benefit. Polyethylene is an easily recyclable material, and also has a much lower cost than cases. In addition, shrink-wrapped packs weigh less than case packs, with less volume, so there is potential to transit more products per pallet. Masek can offer a variety of machines for collating and shrink-wrapping products at different speeds and orientations.


SpeedMinimum: 1 pack/minMaximum: 20 packs/min *

W x D x L40mm x 40mm x 50 mm1500mm x 3000mm x 1500mm

*Note: Actual speeds are dependent on the product characteristics and quality, film quality, operator, product in-feed and ambient conditions. Actual speeds will be confirmed upon trials with original film and product.

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