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STRETCH Technology 45

45 is an automatic wrapping machine, using stretch film, for wrapping trays containing
fresh foods; it is one of the most fitting solutions for supermarkets, hypermarkets
and for large packing centres. Manufactured using only stainless steel, aluminum
and plastic materials, it’s a compact, highly versatile and quick machine. Thanks
to the six available exit layouts, it meets a variety of market needs. The double
film reel dispensing system guarantees high flexibility, increased speed and constant
production. Two film reels are always ready on the machine and allow a completely
automatic changeover without the need for intervention by the operator for film
reel replacement, depending on the size of the trays.

Main features and strength points

Wrapping mainly in tray with stretch food film. Using
dedicated optional devices, it is possible to wrap trays of large dimensions.
Maximum reliability and minimum wear and tear in the heaviest production environment,
thanks to main mechanisms completely enclosed in a sealed oil bath. Control panel
conceived to allow easy reading and quick programming thanks also to 99 variations
of pack size pre-programmed. The diagnostic system, combined with the control
panel, enables a fast identification of any possible anomaly. Straight-forward
cleaning and maintenance due to simple access to internal parts Low sound emissions,
both when in stand-by and when working, give the operators the best working conditions.
Can be integrated with all the leading manufacturer’s weigh-labeling devices (“wrap/weigh/label”

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