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STRETCH Technology – 55 Più

STRETCH Technology 55 Più

Manufactured using only stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials, it can
be defined as the “flag ship” of the stretch technology automatic wrapping machines,
to wrap trays containing fresh foods. It’s large production capacities together
with great reliability, flexibility and speed, make the 55Più the ideal choice
for the use in hypermarkets and in large sized packing centres, where the need
to process high volumes in an extremely short time span is of the utmost importance.
It is also available in a HS (High Speed) version where, compared to the original
model, mechanical and software modifications have been introduced for ensuring
speed of up to 62 packs per minute.

Main features and strength points

Wrapping mainly in tray with stretch food film. Guards with seagull wing openings,
which enable easy access to the film dispensing area and to the tray elevator,
thus allowing simple cleaning procedures. Reduced machines’ downtime for film
reel replacement, thanks to the possibility of fast film reel change. Possibility
to use dedicated optional devices to wrap trays of large dimensions. Maximum reliability
and minimum wear and tear in the heaviest production environment, thanks to main
mechanisms completely enclosed in a sealed oil bath. Control panel with liquid
crystals display fit for easy reading and fast programming, also thanks to 99
variations of pack size pre-programmed. Diagnostic system, combined with the control
panel, enables a fast identification of any possible anomalies. Low sound emissions,
both when in stand-by and when working, give the operators the best working conditions.

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