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STRETCH Technology – Elixa XP

STRETCH Technology Elixa XP

The new series ELIXA wrapping machines (XP, ZX) has been conceived with the aims
of providing a better solution for stretch wrapping of fresh meats and food, higher
reliability and a longer product shelf life further to require really low maintenance
intervention. Important investment in projecting, moulds and tools make possible
the use of innovative materials, such actions led to sensitive running costs reduction
for the customer, granting the performances improvement in favor of speed and
reliability. An increasing use of components made of technopolymeric material,
allowed the machine "carbon footprint" reduction, with a consequent impact improvement
for the whole manufacturing processes towards the environment. Gruppo Fabbri consolidates
the Research and Development section’s well-known technical reliability of the
solutions offered, since ever in service of current and potential customers.

Main features and strength points

Modern and functional
design. New electrical system. Innovative engineering solutions. Integration kits
designed together the machine. New weighing and labeling kit. Footprint limited
to the four feet of the frame. Packaging speed increasing

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