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The SL35 Line

The SL35 Line

Product Overview

The SL35 is the smallest tube packaging line in Subnil’s range, consisting of tube filler and cartoner only. With a capacity to produce about 12,000+ tubes per shift, the LIMBUS 35 tube filler fills the product into the tube and then closes it depending on the type of tube. Metal tubes are crimped whereas plastic/laminate tubes are sealed.

Once closed, the tube is ejected out of the tube filler onto a tube transfer system which puts the tube into a vertically positioned carton which is kept ready in open position in the HARRIER vertical cartoner. Prior to this, in the HARRIER, a pre-broken carton is picked up from the stack by a swing-arm and then loaded into a turret which has slots as per the carton size, on its periphery.

Once the carton is loaded into the turret, first the bottom flap of the carton is closed either by tuck-in or gluing, as the case maybe. Then the product is inserted as above. Printing is done on the flap of the carton by debossing or inking and the top flap is then closed. Finally the carton is ejected out in a vertical position which can then be oriented depending on further processes.

Being a low-volume line, a bundler or a casepacker might not prove economical and hence we have not made a model especially for this. However, if needed, we can supply the same from our current range of these two machines.

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