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TIRAFILM 50 70 80 130 300

Automatic machines for obtaining a stable pack without heat shrink.Feeder is available either by means of pusher or belt conveyor positioned at a right angle. Shrink unit with “leister” hot air blows for film shrinkage on pack sides available on demand.

• Product feeder by means of either motor-driven belt conveyor or pusher

• “Film puller” system for locking upper & lower film, fitted on a moving device, allowing to draw back the film under the pack

• Film saving up to 20%

• Upper & lower reel holding unit with motor-driven unwind system including a set of idle pulleys and jockey rollers for automatic control of film unwinding.

• Sealer unit, with “industrial” type hot bar, piloted sideways by steel cylinders and moved pneumatically

• Sealing temperature controlled by thermoregulator and sealing time controlled by proper timer in control board.

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