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Especially applicator to label the electronic monitoring code widely used in food, chemical, medical, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, auto parts, stationery, batteries, tapes, CD, cardboard boxes, various kinds of oil and various specifications of packaging. The machine are adopted the label way from top to underside and it can label on the flat objects. Checking with magic eye and pursuing with revolving coder to make the speed and deliver of out labels are accurate at the same time, also you can adjust the speed optionally. By the way, it also can label on the seal and sunken part.


Good quality with affordable pricing.

Easy to operate and maintain.

Easy to settle down or install.

Compact size for delivery.

Offer reliable & competitive machine.

*Hot Foil / Stamp & Hot Ink Roll Coders.

Main Technical Parameters

Container Range(mm): Width15-150 Thickness 10-130

Label Range (mm): Length 15-300 Height

Label Speed: (It bears on the size of the container and label) (pc / min) 60-250cs/min

Label Precision (mm): ± 1mm

Power: 220V 50/60HZ 0.24KW

Weight (kg): 140

Measurement (mm): (Length*Width*Height) 1600*600*1500

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