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TOTALPACK 50 80 130 150

Machines for forming a totally closed package around products to be packed with or without heat shrink, starting from a single one-fold film reel. Used for a variety of products such as small pearls, parquets, panels, doors, boxes and products meant for exposition.A version named “saccomatic” is available for specific packaging of polystyrene plates.

• Product feeding through motor-driven belt conveyor or pusher

• Pneumatic upper holding unit to facilitate product insertion into forming unit.

• One-fold film reel positioned at a right angle, easy to replace

• Automatic unwind through motor-driven rollers

• Sack former specifically designed for every size

• Mechanically controlled traverse sealer, easy to adjust for obtaining a product seal right in the centre.

• Tunnel conveyor in steel wire netting or silicone-coated slats, equipped with mechanical variable speed gearmotor for adjusting the conveying speed.

• Heat shrink chamber, duly insulated through mineral wool, equipped with suction fan and further uniform recirculation of the air around the pack in a closed circuit. A set of finned heat resistors provides for air heating. Their location allows rapid replacement during maintenance. Air can be directed both sideways and towards a central position under the tunnel, by means of special baffles according to a variety of problems that can arise during shrinking cycle.

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