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Vertical Multilane Mistral – 4 side seal


Machine model available in intermittent and in continuous motion. Frontal machine plate and parts contacting product made in stainless steel.

Motorized unwinding system, including:

*Easy accessibility to the reel

*Expandable reel shaft

*Film accumulator with easy film threading

Film tracking excess control. Splicing table

Servomotorisation of:

*Movement of vertical and horizontal sealers

*Sachets tracking

*Vertical cut of sachets

*Horizontal cut of sachets (placed on an independent station)

Quick format change over. Vertical and horizontal reclining sealers of easy cleaning. Axes control for the synchronization between all servos.

PLC & touch screen including:

*Change of machine speed

*Production control

*Recipes memory

Outlet ramp. PEC for print registration. End of reel detector with alarm. SMC pneumatical parts.Heating elements for sealers at 48V.

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